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Learn To Meditate

Learn to meditate with this simple guide to meditation. Develop your meditation skills and practise meditating.
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Learn To Meitate

Anyone can learn to mediate. Mediation involves focusing one's consciousness on a single reference point in a way that physical functions are relaxed while mental functions become focused to a heightened state of awareness. Many religions encourage the practice and mediation is a part of many secular practices. Meditation techniques have been shown to aid with pain relief, relaxation, and also improve the mind-body connection.

A quiet, interruption free space is essential to learn to meditate. While minimal space is required the space must be one where the person mediating can control the lighting, sound, air temperature, and even smells to limit distractions. Many people use a closet or a small room in their home when they begin to learn to mediate. If mediating at home when others are in the household, make sure they understand the need for interruption free time.

In the beginning mediate for short intervals of 5 to 15 minutes. Go into the mediation space and find a comfortable position but not one that will make sleeping easy. Sit on a pillow or mat with legs crossed, back straight, and arms resting on the knees palms up. The head may be up, mid-position, or down depending on what is comfortable. Be sure that breathing is not hindered by the head position.

Before beginning the practice of meditation most people have done some study. In the course of reading about or taking a course in meditation. There are many internet sites dedicated to the art of meditation. A major part of most mediation practice is controlled breathing. In focusing on the breath entering and leaving the body, the person mediating becomes more relaxed and the mind is released.

Next release all the negative thought from the mind making room for positive thoughts. In many religions, this is done so the person mediating can focus on a particular passage of the holy writings. At other times a single word or phase will push the breath in and out to allow the person meditating to transcend the present listening for a message from the holy one.

Finally mediation is something that takes practice. No one learns to meditate in one sitting. Dedication to spending time meditating daily is one of the keys to the practice. By carrying insights from each meditation into daily living the mind remains alert to the goodness of life while relieving the body of stress.

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