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History of Tarot Cards

Learn about the history of tarot cards from their early uses to modern tarot decks and divinitory use for tarot reading.
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Tarot cards have been used in some form for hundreds of years, with their true origin as a somewhat mystery. The first known European Tarot cards were made for King Charles VI of France in 1392, and comparatively more recent decks have been designed by AleisterCrowley, A.E. Waite, and Paul Case. Each of these men belonged to a secret society known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was most active in Britain from 1887 to 1939.

Having an understanding of Tarot cards and their history can make a Tarot reading more successful, since the divinatory use of Tarot cards has been linked to both their historical roles in cultures and the culture of the psychic or other Tarot practitioner responsible for performing the Tarot reading.

A Psychic or Tarot Reader who hopes to have a successful Tarot reading with their client should emphasize both the history of the Tarot and the personal circumstances of the person whose Tarot cards are being read. By regarding Tarot cards as a method by which the individual having the Tarot reading can open up their understanding of both themselves and the world around them, gaining historical context and personal satisfaction in the process, the individual having their Tarot cards read can find new solutions and avenues to explore in the struggles they face in their daily life. A psychic can help make sure that Tarot readings are successful by making it clear to the individual that while Tarot cards cannot tell the literal future, they can provide new perspective and help open up the subconscious.

Throughout history, Tarot cards and Tarot readings have been used to help divine answers to the questions faced by leaders and everyday members of society. Symbolism in cards such as the Magician and the High Priestess tend to reverse commonly held gender roles, creating a feminine presence which encourages self discovery and being in touch with one's psychic self.

Tarot cards have been condemned as a tool of evil magic throughout history, at times being outlawed. Those who perform Tarot readings have also been faced with charges of witchcraft and sorcery. These views are simplistic and false, and charges of this sort are traditionally levied against psychics and Tarot card readers who have violated other rules of conduct within their society - single women and those who question authority. In reality, Tarot cards are a powerful tool for exploring your inner self.

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